Pinball at the University Family Fun Center.

It seems that PAC-MAN has chomped his way back into the hearts of a new generation. Even with all the advanced technology available to us, many people crave the nostalgia of flocking to the nearest arcade and feeding their tokens into those chunky machines.

You might think that arcades are a thing of the past, but in reality, arcades are gaining popularity. According to National Public Radio, “the number of arcades in the U.S. has been growing over the past five years, and that’s creating a demand for new but old-fashioned games.”

Skee-Ball: A classic arcade favorite.

Adults enjoy arcades because of the memories associated with their childhood, which creates a sense of nostalgia. These adults also tend to bring their children, who then fall in love with the arcade scene and the variety of quick, yet exciting, button-mashing games.

Arcades provide a different social element that video games can’t provide at home. Though most of the actual games are single player, the social atmosphere allows you and your friends to bond over activities that you normally wouldn’t. These traditional arcades have stood the test of time and are valued in American culture.

Playing some old school arcade games.

Filled with beeping and flashing machines, University Family Fun Center sits near the corner of Spruce Street and 40th Street in University City. The location offers a space for college students, bored kids, and busy people to have fun if they feel they need to unwind. It’s a perfect spot to spend an hour or two when visiting the city, so be sure to grab your quarters if you decide to stop by!


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