It’s Saturday morning. You and your friends want to do something off campus but what? Look no further than the King of Prussia Mall (KOP mall).There are a multitude of places to shop at and diverse food options that you and your friends would certainly enjoy.


So, how will you get there? The Uber price to get there is roughly 24-28 dollars there and back. All and all, the price of the whole trip would range from 48-56 dollars. Between four people, that is 12-14 dollars per person roundtrip.

If Uber is not your mode of transportation, you can always download the SEPTA app and walk towards the nearest SEPTA station and utilize the trains to get to the mall. The quickest you can get to the mall is roughly 47 minutes.

Or, you can always use the Lyft app to transport you and your friends to the KOP mall. The lowest price there and back from campus would be between $15-67 depending on if you use Lyft shared or Lyft XL. Between four people, that is between 3.75 to 16.75 dollars per person.

Once you arrive at the KOP mall, it can get overwhelming since there is a lot of stores to explore in such a huge space. When you step foot into the mall, be sure to grab a map of the mall so you know what stores to hit during your day at the mall.



Given that the KOP is one of the biggest malls in America, there are sure to be a plethora of big name stores as well as the small clothing departments. From Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie to Pacsun, modern unisex shopping departments, to more upscale stores like Calvin Klein and J.Crew geared towards any demographic. There are so many options of stores to enjoy during your time at the KOP mall.  


On top of the diverse stores at the KOP mall, there is also an abundance of restaurants to select after a couple hours of shopping. There are fast food chains such as Jamba Juice and Dunkin’ Donuts to more upscale restaurants such as The Cheesecake Factory, the Grand Lux Cafe and Maggiano’s Little Italy Restaurant.

King of Prussia mall is an ideal place to go to if you are bored on campus. For freshman, it is a place to escape to if you are tired of walking up and down city avenue looking for a place to shop. Overall, the KOP mall is a great place to spend the afternoon with a group of your close friends!

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