With the end of the semester quickly approaching, it is important for students to take a deep breath, and make sure they give themselves well-deserved study breaks. If you are feeling overwhelmed with school, take a look at these five easy on-campus activities that you can do to fill your free time. 

Attend Sporting Events!

    Spend some time outside, and cheer on your local baseball team in their upcoming games! Being outside and getting some vitamin D is an amazing way to take a break from homework. Try going to a local Phillies game. Click here to search through this season’s game schedule. If you do not have a way to get there, consider cheering on your fellow Hawks instead! St. Joe’s has a variety of events coming up for baseball, tennis, lacrosse, field hockey, and track. If you are able to leave campus, attend some away games or head over to Kelly Drive to watch the crew team row! Click here to learn more about the schedule for the rest of the semester. To see the schedule for club sports, click here


    Meditation is one of the most effective ways to relieve yourself of stress. Whether this includes practicing breathing exercises, relaxing your body through yoga, or simply going on a walk, meditation is the key to a stress-free life. For some people, exercise is a form of meditation. Working out is an amazing way to release endorphins in order to get you through the day. Exercise does not have to be difficult and painful. The only thing that matters is getting your blood pumping. Try going for a walk and visiting Barnes Arboretum on a nice spring day. Or sign up for a yoga class through the O’Pake Recreation Center. Do whatever makes you feel good, and what will motivate you to get back to studying. 

Spring Cleaning!

    Though this is a dreaded task for most people, everyone can agree how good it feels once you’ve finished tidying up. Living in a clean environment will surprisingly make you become more productive. Even doing something as simple as folding that pile of clothes that’s been piling up for days will boost your motivation. Making your bed in the morning, cleaning those dirty dishes, or taking out the trash are all tasks that may take less than five minutes. Doing these things will aid you to focus better on studying. 

Coffee Run!

    Everyone loves a good cup of coffee before completing school work. Recharging your body is just as important as studying. Heading to Merion for class? Try stopping at Einstein Bagel Bros to recharge. Passing Campion Student Center? Stop at Saxby’s, a student-run coffee shop with delicious drinks. And of course, everyone’s favorite cafe, Starbucks, is right next to campus. If you want to find somewhere other than these three places, there are still options right off campus that are easy to get to. For all those Dunkin’ lovers, there is a Dunkin’ right off campus next to Rashford Hall. It is right within walking distance and super convenient. 

Get Involved!

    When school gets too stressful, it is nice to distract yourself with extracurricular activities, especially if they are relaxing ones. St. Joe’s offers a large variety of clubs fit for everyone. If you are looking for a relaxing pastime, try joining Active Minds or SJU Naturals where you will discuss mental health and learn important self-care skills. If you enjoy being crafty and creating art, reach out to the Art Club for some fun activities. If you have a musical talent you want to share, try joining the Jam Club. And to pair getting involved with getting some exercise in, consider joining Hip Hop Hawks, SJU Dance Club, SJU Walking Club, or any sports clubs. By participating in any of these clubs, you are not only getting involved but you are also working out and having fun while doing it. The possibilities are endless. Visit here for more information about what clubs the school has to offer, and find the best fit for you!

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