Namasté! It’s a Wednesday afternoon. Your mind is all over the place. Work. Interviews. Deadlines, deadlines, and more deadlines. All you can think about is all of the obligations you have, but after a long stressful day of classes, you just want to take a break and watch Netflix. As college students, we’ve all known this state of mind at some point. With this being said, we could all use a little peace of mind. One of the greatest ways to calm the mind is through meditation, and luckily for us students at Saint Joe’s, there are Yoga classes every Wednesday night at the Art Museum right in Philadelphia, and you pay whatever you please to attend.


Yes, you read that right. Every Wednesday night at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (AKA the place where you ran up the steps at Orientation), they have open yoga classes for the public in the middle of the museum. The greatest part is that admission to the class is the same “Pay What You Wish” fee that you pay to enter the museum. Although it is more courteous to give a donation that is at least somewhat generous, you can essentially give one dollar to take yoga at the art museum.

I know what you are thinking. “Why would I go all the way to the museum to do yoga when I can do it in my room or at O’Pake?” Well for one thing, when you’re so stressed out over school, getting away from SJU for a little bit can be extremely beneficial to your mind. Both the getting off campus portion and the yoga itself are two escapes that can really make your head feel a little more organized. Especially if you do homework in your room, you won’t get the same experience of meditation that you would in a space that is not associated with your stress.

The stretch you do in Yoga is great exercise and the meditation aspect is excellent for taming the worries of the mind. Two things that are superb for the body, mind, and soul of the college student. Get away from campus a little with few friends to engage in an activity that can clear you head of stressful thoughts for a while and surround yourself with the some of the best and most inspirational works of art.

– Colleen Duddy

Featured Image Courtesy of Kaitlyn Patterson ’20


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Hi there! I'm Colleen Duddy and I'm a freshman communications major here at Saint Joseph's University. At SJU, I'm involved in APEX and I'm a sister of the sorority Alpha Omicron Pi. I love SJU, writing, and surrounding myself with inspiring people.


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