After suffering through suffocating heat and humidity, there’s finally an end in sight. I have been ready for fall since the first week of school when it was 90° everyday, and it’s finally here!

Going to school so close to the city sometimes I forget that there are so many fun things to do in the suburbs, such as Linvilla Orchards, which is only 20 minutes away from SJU. Being from Massachusetts, a state famous for its beautiful fall weather, I love having a little piece of home here in Pennsylvania. Leaving Philadelphia with my friends this week was the perfect way to wind down and celebrate making it through another week of school. Linvilla offers different events every day, so you can pick which is the most appealing to you when you go! Although, I would definitely recommend going on a week day as opposed to a weekend because the weekends are SO busy. Here are some exciting fall activities Linvilla offers…


There are daytime and nighttime hayrides during the fall season. I went on a daytime hayride which goes through the orchards and fields. There were beautiful seasonal flowers,apple trees and peach trees. Linvilla also had some cheesy decorations along the ride to entertain the kids. At night, the hayride ends with roasting marshmallows and warm apple cider! Nice date idea if your significant other is getting sick of meals at campion and hanging out in the dorms.


Pumpkinland sounds like something for kids but there are tons of events that are fun for everyone. When we went they had hundreds of cool pumpkins on display, and not just the big orange ones, but quirky multi-colored ones too! I love the ugly looking gourds, and they had huge pumpkins they were selling for almost $100 which was crazy! There are two mazes for you to get lost in, and tons of delicious food being sold.


The food was the best part, from fresh farm grown produce to homemade pie, there was tons to choose from. Fresh corn is my favorite food and Linvilla’s did not disappoint. Even just having some food that isn’t from Campion is a win in my book. Homemade donuts, warm apple cider, and caramel apples are the headliners; there’s nothing more fall than that.

There was so many things to do I wish we could have spent more time at Linvilla. It was a great afternoon, I would highly recommend a day at Linvilla if you are looking to mix up your normal weekend routine!


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