Most students hate to jump out their comfort zone, especially when it comes to food. 

Most St. Joe’s students prefer to eat and explore at the Campion Dining Hall or at Larry’s steaks but many forget or overlook the hidden gem located at 201 City Line Ave, Al Sham

Al Sham is a Mediterranean restaurant conveniently placed across the street from campus and only a couple steps away from Hagan arena. The different blend of food and the close location is just what some students want.

‘Our most popular dish is Chicken over rice and Lamb over rice” A chef said.

Al Sham was previously a food truck that catered around campus and the city. The truck was so successful that the owner decided to build a restaurant located in the Northeast Philadelphia area.

The original restaurant located on Bustleton Ave was so successful that they opened three more, also located around the greater Philadelphia area.

“A lot of students are introduced to Middle eastern food here and fall in love with it,” The manager said. “Many people come in and ask what kind of food it is and what can they try and always find a hidden gem in our menu.”

Each restaurant’s menu varies, depending on the surrounding area and what the customers around that area want to eat.

“[We have] all middle eastern food and Medditerrian food, but we have many American recipes too including cheesesteaks and wings and burgers.”

Open from 10 am to 11 pm and weekends until 12 am, the hours are more flexible than Campion Dining Hall and the POD. It is much easier for students to grab dinner here when they miss Campion’s restrictive hours.

“During lunch time, we get many St. Joe’s students who always come in and eat before or after classes,” The manager said. “Many students come in at night time as well, after basketball games and just for late night meals.”

Although Al Sham does not accept Hawk Cash, their menu items are low priced, perfect for a college student’s budget, and well worth a try.

Students at St. Joe’s step out of their comfort zone with this restaurant being so close to campus and find themselves enjoying it.


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