Hungry college student on a budget?  Grab breakfast, lunch, and dinner for $20 or less at these 9 restaurants!



Safa Persian Teahouse 

What better than beginning your day with a little cultural flair?  At Safa Persian Teahouse, not only are you able to embrace the tastes of Persian flavor, but with such low prices, this breakfast will definitely fit into your budget.  Taste a delicious Persian donut for just $4.50, and a hot or iced coffee for $1.50.




Greg’s Kitchen

If you’re looking for a filling breakfast, why not make a stop at Greg’s?  Their meals range from buttermilk pancakes to steal-cut oats.  Whichever floats your boat!  Hopefully, you’ll feel satisfied when you only have to pay what seems like a fraction of the price.  Get three buttermilk pancakes for $6.00, steal-cut oats (oatmeal) for $5.00, and wash it down with an iced tea for $2.25.


Volo Coffeehouse 

Sometimes, rather than a meal, you may just want some caffeine in your system.  That’s why Volo Coffeehouse might be the right place for you!  With prices much better than your average coffeeshop, it may just be a little harder to decide which drink to choose!  Try a house coffee for only $2.00, or a latte for just $3.25.



Smiley’s Cafe

You’ll be smiling at Smiley’s with these affordable and delectable deals!  Stop by for lunch and grab a Garden Salad for $2.99, and one of their fruit smoothies also for $2.99.  Sit and smile for a while with your meal.




Barry’s Steaks 

Munch munch, time for lunch!  Check out Barry’s Steaks for an endless amount of options to curb your cravings.  Any of their famous cheesesteaks are a good choice, but try a hot dog for only $3.00 with a side of fries for $3.50.




Sorrentino’s Deli / Grocery

Some of you may say that lunchtime isn’t lunchtime without the perfect sandwich… that’s why Sorrentino’s Deli will definitely tend to your cravings!  With affordable Italian Hoagies (only $6.00) that will make you full immediately, you’ll definitely be satisfied.  Can’t say no to Sorrentino’s!





China Wok

Craving Chinese food for dinner?  Say no more!  Walk into China Wok for some chicken chow mein for $5.25 and an egg roll for $1.75.  This restaurant is perfect for anyone who loves Americanized Chinese food, so don’t hesitate to try this hidden gem.





Mike’s Pizza 

Who doesn’t love a piece of pizza?  If you’re one to either love or hate pizza, head on over to Mike’s Pizza.  They offer up more than just pizza.  You can get a cheese burger for $4.59, and some tasty french fries for $2.99 that won’t break your bank!





Scanlon’s Saloon

Scanlon’s Saloon, a popular bar in Manayunk, has everything you are searching for – good food, good beer, and a great atmosphere.  Try a plain 10’’ pizza for only $5.50.  If you’re of age, don’t hesitate to crack open a cold one with the boys at this spot!

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