With Halloween just around the corner, nothing screams spooky season like festive decorations and having fun with friends! A fun and easy way to get in the holiday spirit is by making some DIY decorations with friends. You can throw on a classic Halloween movie (Halloweentown if you are in a throwback mood or any scary movie if you are more of a horror fan) and make some seasonal crafts!  Keep reading to find out how you can make three easy decorations for your dorm with recyclables you probably already have laying around. 

Mummy Mason Jar

If you do not have a mason jar lying around there are also a couple of other options for the base of this craft as well! You could cut a water bottle down (or have a super tall mummy) or use an old cup as an alternative. While it might not look quite as artsy it will still get you in the Halloween state of mind!


  • A mason jar
  • Toilet paper
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue

Step 1: Cover the jar in glue and wrap the jar in toilet paper

Step 2: Glue on eyes and add a smile

Try not to get too wrapped up in how cute this little guy will look as a centerpiece on your table!

Paper Towel Roll Bat

Depending on how many bats you want hanging around your apartment you can adjust your materials as needed. You can get around one bat per paper towel roll (half for the body and the other half for the wings), so you can adjust as desired. If you don’t have paper towel rolls hanging around you can use toilet paper rolls as well (you would need two toilet paper rolls per bat with this option). Your friends will go absolutely batty over this bat craft!


  • Two paper towel rolls
  • A black trash bag
  • Black paint or markers
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue

Step 1: Cut the paper towel rolls in half

Step 2: Cover the paper towel rolls with the trash bag

Step 3: Cut remaining rolls open and flatten them

Step 4: Cut out bat wings and paint them black

Step 5: Glue the wings together

Step 6: Attach the wings to the body

Step 7: Glue on eyes

Your friends will go absolutely batty over this bat craft!

Ghost Lantern

This is one of the quickest DIY crafts. You can make it your own, decorate your ghosts like you would a pumpkin, or have a contest of who can make the scariest (or cutest) lantern! It is recommended that you use a battery tea light, or stick some string lights inside instead of a candle with a real flame (which are often not allowed in dorm rooms anyway) to avoid any fire hazards.


  • An empty milk carton
  • A sharpie 
  • A battery-powered tea light or small candle

Step 1: Flip the carton upside down and draw a face on it

Step 2: Place a candle inside the carton opening

You now have a ghostly new friend that lights up the room!

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