Are you new to HawkHill? Are you and your friends looking to explore the city of Philadelphia? Instead of ordering your usual take-out from the Chinese place down the street, consider taking a trip to Chinatown.

It’s closer than you think – only a fifteen minute ride from Saint Joseph’s University. Chinatown is the perfect stop for an authentic Chinese meal and an unforgettable cultural experience. It’s also a great solution for rainy day, as it was for us last Tuesday night.


This colorful, 40-foot tall Friendship Gate at 10th Street and Arch Street marks the entrance to Philadelphia’s Chinatown neighborhood. Following the traditional Qing Dynasty style, engineers and artisans from China painted this bright arch using tiles from Philadelphia’s sister city, Tianjin.



We headed down North 10th Street, where dozens of fresh food stands lined the street. As we window shopped, we could smell the Chinese cuisine from blocks away and our stomachs were grumbling. Time to make our first stop at Dim Sum Garden, an authentic Chinese restaurant that was recommended to us.

They seated us immediately and brought the food out in less than five minutes – incredible service! You’ll want to devour the delicious Asian cuisine, but don’t forget to save room for dessert.


Just two blocks away is the most delicious treat you could imagine. On Arch Street, there is an cream heaven called Frozen. Rolled ice cream is made right before your eyes with fresh ingredients. You can order three toppings of your choice without going over seven dollars! Talk about a good deal!


After reading this, your mouth is probably watering so text your group message right now and start planning your next adventure – grab a bite to eat and experience the culture that Chinatown has to offer!


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