Sunday mornings are for sleeping in and getting a late breakfast, AKA brunch. Hitting restaurants in Philadelphia can get expensive fast and getting there can be hard. Here’s a list of five great place to grab brunch without emptying your wallet.

Green Eggs Café

The Green Eggs Café is a little place in South Philadelphia that serves affordable and delicious food that will add a bright perspective to your Instagram feed. This café serves everything from eggs to sandwiches. The most expensive item on the menu is 15 dollars, and the Café creates the perfect atmosphere for brunch with your friends.

Greg’s Kitchen

Located near campus on Mainstreet Manayunk, Greg’s Kitchen is well known for their “brekky bowls.” These meals are bowls that have eggs, cheese, tater tots and a meat of your choice for only for only 9 dollars. This restaurant is a comfortable place to spend your early afternoons eating good food with good friends.

Conshohocken Café

Although its further from most other places, the Conshohocken Café is something you need to try. Main Street in Conshohocken is up and coming, and this Café is a perfect place to stop and grab some breakfast while strolling the shops. They’re well known for the breakfast specials, which range from Greek Fritatta’s to Bourbon Brown Sugar French Toast. The menu is reasonably priced for a college student and a nice change of scenery from typical SJU student haunts.

Honey’s Sit ‘N Eat

Although it is not exclusively a breakfast place, Honey’s Sit ‘N Eat is a classic joint on South Street to eat a memorable brunch. Located in a scenic part of Philadelphia, it’s a short train ride from Saint Joe’s and promotes a “9 am breakfast bargain.” Right now they’re featuring fall specials like Pumpkin Pancakes and Fall Breakfast Salad, both under 15 dollars each.


Brunch off campus doesn’t always mean traveling into the city to find it. 15 minutes down City Line Avenue in Havertown is a hidden gem. Kettle is a tiny breakfast place with a signature omelet and an instagram worthy aesthetic. It’s the definition of cheap, good eats. Their French toast is to die for, and their home fries come with the perfect combination of sautéed onions and peppers.



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