Get ready to ‘fall’ in love with the leaves we found in the area.

 During the winter leaves slowly stop producing chlorophyll due to the shortened days. This leaves the leaf’s with carotenoids and anthocyanin exposing their true colors. The more prominent colors this year were red, orange, and yellow. The peak of fall foliage this year was from October 21 to 27th. 

 The peak has already passed for the best time to view fall foliage. We are now experiencing the transition from vibrant fall leaves to bare leafless trees of winter. Outside of Saint Joseph’s campus there are many places to check out some of the best colors of the season. To cap off the last month of the fall season we found the coolest spot to look at colors nearby.

 The Cynwyd Heritage Trail

The trail is located in the community of Bala Cynwyd in the township of Lower Merion. It runs from the Green Lane bridge on the edge of Manayunk, to the border of the Narberth community just west of Bala. The length is 1.8 miles, and the entire trail has beautiful colors to enjoy during the fall season. There are multiple places to park along the trail depending on where you want to start walking.

Bala Cynwyd Park

One trailhead is located at Bala Cynwyd Park off of Belmont Avenue and this was the first part of the trail to pop with fall colors from the road. The incredible red leaves are impossible to miss as you begin your journey along the trail.

Bala Cynwyd Park

West Laurel Hill Cemetery

As you follow the trail you will arrive in the area of the West Laurel Hill Cemetery, which has a beautiful path with eye-catching yellow leaves on the trees that hang over.

Outside of West Laurel Hill Cemetery


 The trail is located almost exactly in between Manayunk and the Saint Joseph’s campus making it the perfect location for students in either area to explore with ease. Sometimes being near the city can make us forget about the beautiful views of fall, so finding a good place to observe the colors can be a great way to relax. 

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