Battle of the Bars: Manayunk Edition


Ever wonder what Hawks over the age of 21 do on the weekends? Of course there are plenty of festivals, restaurants, and beautiful museums to check out in the city, but SJU students all find each other in the same town when night time rolls around. This town is…Manayunk! What’s so special about Manayunk? There are so many other places to go in Philly  you may say to yourself. However, Manayunk is different students say. Manayunk has Mad River Thursdays, Mcgillicuddy’s, and Ryan’s Pub. Each has their own vibe depending on the night and you most certainly will not walk into one of these bars without seeing a fellow Hawk!

Photo by: Gabriella Kuznetsov

What do you need to know about Mad River? First things first, this is every Hawk’s go to Thursday night bar. Mad River has been given the name: MRT. Hawks look forward to Thursday’s at Mad River for the dancing and an upbeat atmosphere. Sometimes you may even be dancing along to DJ’s such as Will the Thrill or Julez P who attend Saint Joe’s as well. This bar has two separate sides with equally as good music on each. Besides MRT, this bar also offers River Palooza twice a semester. A sea of Hawks fill both the outside and inside of Mad River for live music, dancing, food and drinks at River Palooza.

Photos By Gabriella Kuznetsov

Another bar featured is Ryan’s Pub. Hawks come here for a fun and chill atmosphere. Students say before midnight this bar offers cheaper drinks than most. Ryan’s is a social pub where most people come to chat and listen to a mixture of old music and some pop music thrown in as well. It is in walking distance to Cuddy’s and Mad River, which Hawks say they like. You may even see James Kinzer (Class of 2020) on Friday or Saturday nights working here as a barback.

Photo by: Gabriella Kuznetsov

A popular Friday or Saturday night bar, Cuddy’s gives off an Irish pub feel with 3 floors to choose from. Cuddy’s can get very crowded, although the DJ keeps the crowd going with Rap music filling each of the 3 big rooms. When asking students over the age of 21 what their favorite bar was in Manayunk many said it depends on the night but Saturday’s are fun at Cuddy’s. Jane Fallon (Class of 2020) says that drinks are cheaper compared to Mad River and enjoys the Irish feel. Emma Brenner (also class of 2020), said for her 21st her first choice in Manayunk was Cuddy’s. The main reason being that she has heard so many good things about it including the music and cheap drinks. Many Saint Joe’s organizations, including Relay for Life, fundraise here at Cuddy’s because they know it is a popular spot for Hawks on the weekends. Students at Saint Joe’s involved in Relay for Life sell $2 shots at Cuddy’s with the proceeds going to the American Cancer Society. Recently, Relay for Life raised $525 on $2 shots at Cuddy’s.

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