What’s better than coming together and showing some school spirit? For Jared Farley, senior finance major here at Saint Joseph’s University, nothing comes close. Talking with Jared, we learn that showing up for games isn’t just about showing pride, but it’s about backing up fellow community members. And with free admission for students this year, it’s a whole new world of community. 

With no price tag on tickets, we’re seeing a huge incentive to attend. As Jared says. “Might as well go, it’s free!”

Jared also tells us that we essentially have two freshmen classes in the stands this year, as current sophomores never got to experience the highs of attending a game in person. We should anticipate some great attendance and energy, with the whole experience being new to two grades. We can also expect a solid turnout of juniors and seniors, those who lost out at the hands of the pandemic. 

Jared attended last Thursday’s game on November 4, and he tells us that while on drum duty, he could feel the crowd’s excitement as he played. 

54th Airborne has a lot to look forward to, alongside average students, of course. Coming back after a year of no interaction with our favorite teams is a big deal, and it’s meaningful that Saint Joe’s took the extra step as a university and granted free student admission. Talk about a real game changer!

When our typical social plans are of less interest to us, we have basketball games to look forward to. After all, any student will tell you that it is that time in the semester where everything feels increasingly challenging and repetitive. This is really the time of year when things get hard we find ourselves most in need of a study break. And here we are with a free, convenient opportunity to spice things up. 

This is the student mentality that’s going to produce crowds throughout this season and the coming semester.

“54th Airborne, we’re coming for em.”