Thinking about starting a new workout? Then the Zumba workout class here at SJU can be for you!

Gavin Bresky is a zumba instructor here at Saint Joseph’s University in Hawkfit.  He discusses what zumba is saying it is a “Latin Infused Dance Class”. 

 Gavin loves that it  gives us the chance to experience various different types of music.  It uses modern pop and contemporary styles of music but mostly latin american.  Zumba is a remarkable workout burning tons of energy that you don’t even realize!  

During Zumba, he says, you feel more energized and do not feel extremely exhausted.  It helps with your concentration as well. It can also make you feel more highly about yourself.

Picture Taken By Cassandra Savaiko

  He also states his experiences while taking zumba.  He talks about how he lost 25 pounds during his freshman year, and he loved it so much he wanted to teach it.

 You don’t need anything and you don’t even have to have dance experience. Before trying Zumba Gavin said he had never danced before. He finishes up by saying it is more like a “dance party” insteads of a workout.  


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