The chaos and craziness of Finals Week often seems to make the holidays appear sooner than expected. We are all so preoccupied with our studies and projects that we forget to ask our friends and classmates what they are doing for their break: are they going home to their families and childhood homes? Or are they traveling across the United States or world? We took the time and asked fellow Hawks about their holiday plans, so enjoy reading about these experiences. 

Maria Biaggi, psychology major, Class of 2022, is excited to see her family and friends after a long semester. She’ll be returning to Puerto Rico, where she grew up, to celebrate a traditional Puerto Rican Christmas; it’s her favorite time of the year. Last year, she recalls as one of her favorite memories, “My family and I spent New Year’s Eve in “La Parguera”, where we went to the “Cayo” to celebrate new beginnings by jumping in the water at exactly midnight. 

Franky Rosenski, finance major, Class of 2025, is looking forward to playing basketball with his brothers and seeing family and friends for the holidays. “I have not had a long break like this; I am really looking forward to being home for a month instead of a week like I used to [have] in high school.” Rosenski’s favorite holiday memory is hosting Christmas Eve and watching Christmas movies with his family, especially “A Christmas Story” on Christmas Eve. 

Laura van de Sluys, political science major with a communications minor, Class of 2024, is excited to return to California for the first time since August. She’s most looking forward to returning home to warmer weather and spending time with her friends. “A fun memory I have is driving up the coast on Christmas day and seeing different viewpoints of the ocean!”

CJ McNally, pharmaceutical marketing major, Class of 2025, is looking forward to a wedding in Ireland on New Year’s Eve. “My whole family is going to Ireland and the wedding will be held at Castle Leslie, the castle that Paul Mcarthney got married at. It’s also the same day as my 19th birthday.” He’ll be able to celebrate two occasions on the same day. McNally is very excited for both of these events because he will be reunited with his cousin, whom he hasn’t seen in years. “The last time I was in Ireland for the holidays was when I was six  and I barely remember besides the fact that it was cold all day and night and the rain never stopped.” He also mentions the last time he was there, “My family celebrated the holidays at my grandparents’ house in County Tyrone. We go to Christmas mass early before a breakfast feast consisting mostly of Irish sausage, hash browns, eggs, and biscuits, all of which are from local farms and my family’s farm in Ireland.” 

Candid interviews of other Saint Joseph students and their plans for the long break. Filmed and edited by Adam Morrison.

We are just as excited as you are here at HawkcHill headquarters. We hope you have a wonderful Winter Break and get to do what you enjoy the most. Whether that is travelling or sitting back home and relaxing with family and friends. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!