Ardmore is a town in Philly which effortlessly mixes urban with suburb. It contains some of the best food, entertainment, and shopping centers in the city. It’s only a $6 Uber away from St. Joe’s, so might as well explore it! Here’s some tips on how to make the most out of your day in Ardmore.


Snap Custom Pizza is a casual, popular restaurant with six franchises located around the tri-state area. The custom pizza part of the menu  allows you to build your own pizza, complete with sauce, cheese, toppings, and “finishing touches.” They even offer gluten free pizza crust. If you want to go a more traditional route, you can choose from Snap’s signature pizzas, including “Kennett Square,” “The Diablo,” and “The Good Egg.”

Photo by Elaina Wall

Tired Hands Brewing Companyis a restaurant and bar that is known for its cozy atmosphere. With its brick walls and original brews, it’s one of the coolest hang out spots in Ardmore. If you’re of legal drinking age, check out the Tired Hands frequently updated list  of craft beer. For the readers who are not yet 21, there’s still food and a general store to enjoy.

Photo by Elaina Wall

Maido! is a Japanese marketplace. It is primarily a grocery store, but it also includes a lunch counter which serves sushi and other Japanese dishes. Maido! is popular for its authentic food and cheap prices.

Photo by Elaina Wall


Ardmore Music Hall is a concert space with live music and a spacious dance area. There’s always something going on at the music hall, and there are many different types of acts to satisfy every music enthusiast. Their schedule is always being updated, so go check it out for a fun experience.

Ardmore Music Hall by Elaina Wall

Main Line Meditation is the hotspot in Philly for lovers of yoga and relaxation. Meditation can provide many benefits  especially for the stressed college student. After signing up, you have unlimited access to meditation classes at the center, which is definitely a bargain. Come in with an open mind and learn how to relax.

Photo by Elaina Wall

 Suburban Square  is an open air mall that is well known for its wide array of stores to shop at. With many styles and selections, you can always find something for your taste and budget. The outdoor setting makes for a great experience walking around while shopping.

Free People Entrance in Suburban Square by Elaina Wall


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