College can be tough for many reasons and sometimes the only cure is a good ol’ cry. You are not in the comfort of your own room at home anymore so here are a few places around campus you can cry it out.

One: The shower cry

It’s 11 o’clock and you’re warm in bed. Everything is fine and well and you decide to check your grades (because that always ends well… ha). You click, you wait and you see you BOMBED that last midterm. Your roommate is in the room and you are running low on options. Quick! Run to the shower and cry it out.

Hey, the tears mixed with the shower water… no one would even know the difference when you get out.

Two: The library cubes

Its been hours of writing that NEVER ending paper. The library is closing in an hour and you are only half way complete. Good thing the personal desk cubes on second and third floors of “club lib” exist.

Proceed to: Find one, sit down and put your head on the desk and start bawling.

Three: The Chapel

We do go to a Catholic school after all. Sometimes things may be looking so down that the only thing that could help is God himself. #JesusTakeTheWheel am I right? This is a judgment free zone, so pour your heart out!

Four: The “Fish Bowl” at Campion

What is one of the only things in the world that can help make you feel better? Food, duh! On days that you are just far too hungry to go cry elsewhere… Grab and few cookies and maybe a scoop (or ten… probably ten) of ice cream and head on over to a seat and do what ya gotta do.

Five: The elevator

Now your headed back to your dorm after your extremely stressful exam, looks like you’re might not make it. Quick to the elevator! You have anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute until the doors open once again.

For extreme cases: press the stop button and give yourself a few extra seconds to pull yourself together before walking into your room or class.


… But the heading only says five places?

There are going to be times where you simply cannot get to these locations. It is OKAY to just let it go walking though the middle of campus. Don’t worry we’ve been there and done it! Luckily, the students at SJU are friendly and someone might just offer you a warm hug or maybe even a tissue to wipe the tears away.

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