Recently, Shameless has been the ultimate show to talk about. A family of seven, including an alcoholic father and juvenile delinquent, face the struggles of living on the South Side of Chicago. You may be asking yourself, how can I, a Saint Joe’s student, relate to a crumbling, fictional family that lives halfway across the country? Here is a compilation of 13 times Shameless accurately described your college experience.

1.) When you don’t do laundry for three weeks.

2.) When you see your ex flirting with someone else.

3.) Doing chores at school for the first time

4.) When your roommates decide it’s National Roast Your Best Friend Day!

5.) When you’re in class and you see a simple word that you can’t pronounce for some reason.

6.) When you’re sitting in your philosophical anthropology class but you’re a business major.

7.) Dry rush be like…

8.) After a crazy weekend…

9.) When someone that screwed you over tries to hit you up again.

10.) When you try to make a (somewhat) fancy meal for dinner

11.) When you’re at a party and the line for the bathroom is forty miles long.

12.) Being excited to go home for spring break, but then realizing your freedom is gone as soon as you step through the door.

13.) Trying to recall what exactly you did the other night.



*all photos were gotten off of Google*


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