Sara Nilssen Kilen


Sara Nilssen Kilen is a Freshman, International Student-Athlete from Oslo, Norway. She is a Communications Studies Major and one of the goalies for the Saint Joseph’s Women’s Soccer Team. Coming from another country, one might expect a very difficult and unprecedented transition from going to school in one country to attending a school in another. Sara started playing soccer in first grade when she was around six years old. When asked about Sara’s first arrival at Saint Joe’s, she says, “They already made me feel welcome months before I even got there! They all reached out to me to get to know and make sure if i needed anything! When i first arrived too they all welcomed me with open arms and made me feel so comfortable. They made me feel i had friends already, which is something that i automatically are nervous for moving to a totally different place, to get friends! They all turned into my family real quick! They are my bestfriends and i have so much fun being around them on the field and outside!” Unfortunately, Sara is not returning next year, and will remain in Norway and continue to play Soccer back at home. She explains that her “Soccer life at home will be quite different than here because the whole aspect of a student athlete is not the same back home. So I would play soccer in a club back home that is not connected to the university. Having sports teams as a part of a university is not a thing back home, you have clubs at universities but not anything like NCAA DI Sports.” Although Sara is leaving Saint Joseph’s, it seems pretty evident that even though her time at SJU is coming to an end, the friendships she has made along the way, are far from over.

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