Paul Urban is a Sophomore Communications Major and a Business Minor at Saint Joseph’s University. Paul was born in Philadelphia and moved to Ocean City, NJ when he was two years old, but that didn’t stop his love for supporting Philly sports teams. When I asked Paul what his favorite sports team was, he told me he loved all Philly sports, but his favorite is the Eagles.

Interested in sports from a young age, Paul was involved in almost every sport. He started off his athletic career playing baseball, soccer, hockey, basketball and football. He played in the Little League World Series for baseball in 2014 and then continued on his sports career by playing Varsity Soccer throughout High School. Paul still enjoys playing basketball and football and plays them as intramurals here at St. Joe’s.

In addition to being very active in his own sports, Paul is also active in sports in other ways. Paul started being a camp counselor at Future Stars Camp when he was fourteen years old and stayed with the camp for three years. His time at the camp involved teaching kids different games and organizing activities for them to play. In his free time, Paul likes to watch and bet on professional games. While he is happy that he is up on money through his bets, Paul says he likes sports betting because it makes the games more fun and enjoyable to watch.

This year for the Eagles, Paul would like to see improvement from the team. He acknowledges that the guys are still young but they made the playoffs last season, so he’s hoping for another run at it this season. As for the draft, Paul wants the team to take advantage of their three first round picks. He would like to see them draft on the defensive end or a wide receiver from Alabama; namely Jameson Williams or John Metchie III. Fly Eagles Fly!

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