Nicolette Senatore is a junior at Saint Joseph’s University. She is majoring in Marketing with a minor in communication and media studies. She is from Freehold, New Jersey, but spends most of her time in Naples, Florida. Nicolette has found a passion for traveling and wants to incorporate it into her life in more ways than one.

She chose to attend Saint Joseph’s University due to its location and scenery. Being close to the city is important to Nicolette. The campus really stood out to her. Having that at home feel, but being close to the city is what makes Saint Joe’s so great. In this past year Nicolette went through a global pandemic, just like the rest of us. This paused her love for travels and caused her to live at home for a semester. Through this she learned that after graduating she would like a job that is remote and allows her to travel more. When the pandemic forced her to stay at home she realized that traveling was her true passion. She wants to incorporate it into her life after graduation. 

Nicolette wants to get involved on campus, but has not been able to find a club that seems like a perfect fit for her. She is interested in starting a club of her own. One that has to do with social media and influencing on campus. This would align with her marketing major and communication studies minor. Creating this outlet would allow other students similar to Nicolette to find a niche at Saint Joseph’s University. This idea could help Saint Joseph’s University become more well-rounded which is exactly what students like Nicolette are looking to do. She has enjoyed her time here at Saint Joseph’s University and can not wait to continue growing with the University. 

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