In her Junior year at Saint Joseph’s University, Kate Engel is hoping to put her love for music into action, and make an impact on campus by starting her very own organization called “Jam Club.” With a double major in Art and Communications it is no surprise that Kate is eager to share this passion with others, but to Kate it is more than that. 

Kate’s life has always revolved around music; when she was a little girl, she idolized Taylor Swift so much that she learned to play the guitar. Both of her parents played pivotal roles in building her love for music, as they introduced her to artists such as Bruce Springsteen and the Ramones. For Kate, music puts the things that she struggles to articulate, and expresses them in ways that are beyond words.

Like for most people, Kate’s middle school years were a challenging and confusing time of her life, but throughout them all music remained a constant. When Kate was unsure of herself, music made her realize that she was not alone in the emotions that she was feeling. Discovering artists that so eloquently put into words the things she had been struggling to understand was a cathartic experience for her, and she has been in love with music ever since. 

When she was in high school, members of her high school’s Guitar Club in Basking Ridge, New Jersey would get together once a week to meet and play. Knowing how hard it is to connect with other musicians on campus, Kate took it upon herself to start a Guitar Club of her own where SJU students can find other students to play with quickly and easily. 

The club is open to anyone, regardless of previous musical experience, and Kate is adamant about welcoming beginners. You don’t even need an instrument of your own to come, just an open mind and an appreciation for music. 

The club plans to meet every Tuesday night in the Perch at 8, but Kate is flexible in regards to future scheduling.

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