Class of ’23

Colby Schnyder is a Junior at SJU. Originally from Glen Mills, PA, and decided to study marketing at SJU with a desire to go into advertising after graduation. His inspirations are his father and grandfather, who both work for major companies. As Colby says, their work ethic is what he admires the most about the male figures in his life, and he puts this forth in his studies and other hobbies. 

Colby’s favorite aspect about his major is the creative freedom that the classes offer. He thinks his communications minor pairs nicely with the marketing major, and appreciates that the classes help explore his creative side. In addition to the marketing courses, Colby’s favorite class is biology this semester because he is learning new and interesting things. 

Aside from playing video games in his free time, Colby also has an interest in music. His alter ego and rap name, KolbyKuan, was created after an accident while playing soccer in the 8th grade.  He broke his hand and found himself bored without being able to play soccer or video games, so he wrote his first song and generated his pseudonym. After this incident he picked up rapping and continues to do so to this day. 

Despite his interest in advertising, he doesn’t advertise his music yet to the general public, but still produces for close friends and family that are aware of the hobby. He might decide to advertise himself publicly using the skills he masters at SJU as time goes on, but for now, making music is more of a pastime. 

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