It is something that everybody has experienced since March of last year. Nina’s story is one that high schoolers who were part of the class of 2020 know all too well. The class of 2020 is represented by the seniors who got their senior year cut short, their freshman year of college ruined, and their sophomore year of college feeling like a freshman again. Yet, Nina still took it in stride.

Though her senior year graduation was on Zoom, and she picked up her diploma at her high school rather than walking across the stage the way she had dreamed of since she was a little girl, she continued on with her summer and started freshman year here at St. Joes in the fall of 2020, even in the height of the pandemic that turned this world upside down.

Nina is an example of a student who made the best out of an unprecedented situation. Nina is now back here and on campus at St. Joes for her sophomore year. Nina is now ready to turn St. Joes into what she wanted to have, but didn’t get to experience last year; she is now ready to create the best memories and new friendships along the way.

Her freshman year was weird, with no roommate to bond with, and a smaller friend group then she had hoped for, but still orientation is one of her favorite memories from the beginning of her career at St. Joes. Although some students didn’t want to live on campus, Nina decided to try and make the year somewhat normal and tried to experience the college experience as much as she could by deciding to live on campus. She stuck out the year, living away from home during these pressing times, on campus both semesters.

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