Kylie Arnone


Kylie is a junior at Saint Joseph’s University who is majoring in Sports Marketing with a minor in Communications. She is from Easton, PA and spent her childhood growing up there. While attending Saint Joseph’s she lives in Manayunk where she enjoys her time off campus.

Kylie expressed to me that she chose to go to Saint Joseph’s due to the Sports Marketing major offered. As a big fan of sports and growing up with flyers season tickets it was important to her to focus her attention on a possible career in the sports industry. Sports has always been an important outlet that has been there to help Kylie express herself. Therefore, she wants to be able to show and help others discover their love for sports as much as she does.

While she has attended SJU for the past three years she has come across some difficulties including homesickness. She explained to me that she is a homebody, therefore she likes to spend her free time in the comfort of her own home. Along with missing the comfort of her home, she also misses her yellow lab named Brody.

Although the biggest challenge Kylie faced was adjusting to college life and leaving her small hometown. She has never been away from home before and leaving was a bit challenging for her. Going from a place where everyone knows everyone, to coming to college knowing no one was a hard transition. Although once adjusted, Kylie soon found herself at ease on campus and found her home in Saint Joseph’s.

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