Joseph Stellabotte is a Junior Finance Major at Saint Joseph’s University from Broomall, PA who has a particular interest in service work and helping people. When I asked Joe about the most rewarding service work he did, he remembered a time in high school where he spent time in South Carolina. While he was there he helped build a house for a veteran.

Without any experience in construction, Joe was nervous going into the project. He was unsure if he would be able to accomplish the task. However, all of the volunteers came together and built a beautiful house. The man he worked with was so touched by the work that Joe and his team members did building the house. Tears filled his eyes when he saw the finished house.

Joe worked with an organization called Catholic Heart Work Camp where he has completed many other services trips along with this one. This experience with the veteran was truly inspiring for Joe and helped him to understand his passion for service work through both his religion and his academic career.

Now, at Saint Joseph’s University, Joe has continued to do community service and has volunteered at homeless shelters in the Philadelphia area. 

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