Jake Kunz is from North East Pa, which is a  2 and a half-hour drive from Saint Joseph University. Jake is currently in his junior year at SJU and is majoring in marketing and minoring in communications.  Jake expresses how hectic the end of his senior year of high school was when making a decision and visiting 4 schools in  3 days. When Jake visited SJU he fell in love with the campus. He speaks on how the environment and professors make you involved in the SJU  community and thrive as a student. 

During Jake’s freshman year he worked at the Perch which is a part of  SJU’s Office of Student Leadership and Activities.   Jake goes on about how  The Perch was more than just a regular job for him. The Perch was what brought the community together at Saint Joseph University and allowed the students to break free from their hectic schedules at SJU. During his time at the Perch, Jake would help students that were a part of the theatre set up for different shows to perform at the Perch. Sometimes he would just simply put on the football game and watch as the students at SJU from different backgrounds thrive as a community.     

Though Jake is a marketing major, he has a love for art, technology,  and digital media. This is why he chose communications as a minor.  Jake wanted to expand his knowledge in what he knew he would enjoy.  Because this was something that Jake had a fascination for as a child he believed that minoring in communications would be stress-free as well as useful for his plans.  Communications have challenged Jake as well as motivated him to express himself through class by participating and being open to new ideas and conversating with others in the class. 

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