Hawk Cents, a new program to plan financially for the future. The Office of Financial Aid held a workshop for students to learn the importance of your FICO and Credit scores. The newly founded program will have multiple workshops throughout the Fall and Spring semesters. The workshops will feature many different topics on financial literacy including budgeting, loan debt, investing, short-term spending, and avoiding identity theft.

Financial Aid staff member presenting to students
Photo by: Megan Masano

3 Reasons why having a good FICO score is important

1. Having a good FICO score will make obtaining a loan for education and cars simpler.

2. Your FICO score can help you get lower interest rates and less fees. When a lender sees you have a high FICO score they are more likely to extend lower rates, since you pose less of a risk.

3. Good FICO scores allow for an easy approval for renting a house or apartment.

“I learned the importance of building up my credit score now even as a freshman in college” -Jenna Danielson 23”

3 Ways to maintain a good FICO score

1. Pay your bills on time. When you stay on top of bill payments you lessen the risk of extra fees and a decrease of your score.

2. Spend less than you earn. If you manage your spending you are less likely to risk getting into debt.

3. Keep old accounts open. Keeping an old account open that is free of payments or out of use will help increase your score and available credit.

“ All of this was really important to learn as a student” -Sarah Pembrooke 23″

Students listening to workshop presenter
Photo by: Megan Masano

Elizabeth Lewinsky the workshop presenter from The Office of Financial Aid believes you are never too young to learn about financial literacy.

“I wish I knew what my credit card score was when I was in college it would have helped me a lot” -Elizabeth Lewinsky

Elizabeth Lewinsky speaking with a student
Photo by: Megan Masano

Elizabeth promoted three trustworthy websites to check your FICO score. Experian, Transunion, and Equifax are the three sites you are able to check your FICO scores on “It’s a really good tool to use and check 3 times per year with these free websites” Lewinsky said. “I check my score regularly”

Elizabeth Lewinsky discussing the importance of financial literacy
Video by: Megan Masano


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