When we first entered quarantine in March, being stuck at home was new to us. Most of the time, we did not know what to do with ourselves. Many of us leaned on technology for entertainment. I often found myself aimlessly scrolling through my phone because there was nothing else to do. Now, with break approaching and new restrictions on the rise, we are going back into this unknown and boring time. Excessive use of cellular devices has various harmful side effects: sleep disturbances, eye strain, neck problems, and anxiety and depression. Considering these effects, we have to figure out new and fun ways to pass time that does not involve technology. This article will give you some ideas about things we can do during these next couple of months at home. 

1. Hang out with family members

This time confined in your home can be a perfect opportunity to spend more time with your family and get closer to one another. Sitting down as a family and playing board games, going on walks, and having meals together are all excellent opportunities for quality time where phones are not needed at all.

   Family playing card games. Source: Wikimedia Commons

2. At-home workouts

Even though gyms have begun to reopen again, the risk of COVID-19 still remains. What better way to get your pump in than doing it at home?! Even if you do not have all of the same machines as the gym in your house, that is okay! Some simple cardio and ab workouts such as crunches/sit-ups, pushups, jumping jacks, burpees etc., will do the trick. Working out with your family members can also be very motivating if you do not like working out alone.

Girl doing an ab workout. Source: Despositphotos

3. Go on walks

If you find yourself wanting to go on your phone or need to clear your head, then walks can be your best friend! Often, a change of scenery and a little time in nature, getting some vitamin D, does the trick just to get your mind off stress.

Girl taking a walk outside. Source: PxHere

4. Read Books

This time is also a great opportunity to read books other than your textbooks and class readings. If you are looking for some recommendations, many new books have been released this year, such as The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett, Untamed by Glennon Doyle, and Leave the World Behind by Rumaan Alam. According to Barnes and Noble, these are just a few of the most popular books released this year.

Girl reading a book. Source: PxHere

5. Cooking- learn new recipes!

While you spend all this time at home, you might as well eat well. Taking some time to learn new recipes is a great alternative to spending hours on your phone. Most recipes will be online, especially on Pinterest, so you could go through and find your favorite recipes and make your own little recipe book out of them!

Homemade recipe for cupcakes. Source: Pxfuel

6.  At-home spa and self-care

Self-care is essential during this time, so going out and buying some facemasks or running a nice long bubble bath can be very relaxing. Target and CVS both have great options for face masks and bath bombs or bubbles for the tub.

Assortment of bath bombs. Source: Pixabay

7. Getting organized

This time alone at home with no distractions, other than maybe your family members, is an excellent opportunity to get organized and get your life in order after focusing on school for the past couple of months. Clean out your closet or invest in a nice planner! This year has been so hectic, so it can be very nice to just focus on yourself and things you may have been putting off the past couple of months.

Woman organizing her planner. Source: Pikrepo

8. Coloring books

It may sound silly, but coloring books have been proven to release stress and take your mind off everything going on in life. It is nice to sit down, free of distractions, and just color. Most of them are specifically designed for mindfulness and releasing stress.

Coloring book with colored pencils. Source: PxHere

On HawkcHill’s Instagram story, we conducted a series of polls asking what people like to do in their free time at home when they are not on their phones. The most popular responses were spending time with family, cooking, and getting organized. We hope that we provided good ideas for those specific categories so you are not bored during break or just need some time away from your phone! 

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