“Top Ways College Students Can Make it Through a Two-Week Quarantine”

Outdoor class on November 6, 2020. Photo by Mark Cornelison | UKphoto

As summer approaches, the COVID-19 pandemic heads in a positive direction with the distribution of the Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson and Johnson vaccines. While the state is opening up, Saint Joseph’s University still remains very strict on their personal COVID-19 restrictions to ensure their students and staff stay safe. Despite the university’s efforts to keep students safe, it is almost impossible for everyone to avoid the virus. If you do find yourself positive for COVID-19 it is important to stay as positive as possible during your quarantine and have good mental health. Here are a few ways college students can make it through a two-week quarantine.

Man playing a guitar for his friends at a barbeque.
  1. Enjoy Music

There is no doubt that being in an isolated two-week quarantine can stink, but luckily music is always an option. Whether you sing, play an instrument, or just like to listen, music has been thought to reduce stress, balance your emotions, and convert your mood. David Valente (Class of 2022)  recently underwent a COVID-19 quarantine with his roommates. He stated, I played guitar growing up but stopped once I got to high school. During my quarantine, I decided to pick up the guitar again and reteach myself to play. Since the end of the quarantine, I have still continued playing. My roommates, who also had new free time, sang along and listened while I played. It was really a great time” Between David playing, his friends’ signings, and even others listening, the house was able to keep their spirits high during this time. The best thing about music is that there are so many genres for everyone to enjoy.

Man learning how to cook, following a recipe.

2. Get in the Kitchen

Obviously, a major symptom of COVID-19 is a loss of taste and smell, however, if you are fortunate enough to not have lost these senses then it is the perfect opportunity to further your skills in the kitchen. What is great about the pandemic is the rise of services such as instacart that will deliver the groceries to your front door so there is no need to break quarantine and go to the store! There are so many simple recipes for beginners online and even on the popular social media app Tiktok. Saint Joseph’s University student Charles Saggiamo (Class of 2021) had this to say about this time in the kitchen over his quarantine. “During my two weeks in quarantine, I never lost my taste or smell. I decided that I would learn how to cook better meals for myself while at school” Charles, like many other students, decided to use his new free time to grow the skills he had always wanted to improve.

Photo taken enjoying the great outdoors.

3. Get Some Vitamin D

Being stuck inside for a full two weeks can be sort of depressing. It is important to get outside and try to stay active. Depending on your symptoms some people are able to be more active than others but simply taking a walk around the block is great for mental health. Noah Caruso (Class of 2021) chimed in with his experience outside during his quarantine stating, “There wasn’t really a whole lot that I could do during my two-week quarantine but I tried to get outside and enjoy the fresh air by longboarding around West Philly.” If you are feeling up to higher spirits and want to get a little active, Andrew Walkey (Class of 2021) decided to improve on his golf swing in his quarantine. He stated, “I worked on my golf swing outside on days that it was nice out and also set up a make-shift putting-green in my room to work on the short game” Nothing is better than some fresh air!

Guy enjoying some Netflix with popcorn.

4. Start a new Show!

One upside of the pandemic is that countless streaming services seemed to pop up out of nowhere from many companies. Services such as Apple TV+, HBO Max, NBC Peacock, Paramount+, and Disney+, joined Netflix and Hulu in the market. With all of these new services, there is an unlimited amount of content to watch at any given time. A two-week quarantine is a perfect time to start a new series that you can binge-watch all day while restricted from leaving the house. The excuse of not having the free time to start a show is no longer of use. Michael Collins (Class of 2022) had this to say about his experience with binge-watching a series over quarantine, “I binge-watched the rest of the Sopranos, and turns out it is my favorite show ever. After I finished, I started to watch as many mafia movies as possible. I finally had the time to do so.” If you ever find yourself in a two-week quarantine and are feeling the symptoms of the virus then starting a show is the best way to stay occupied while resting and recovering.