Tips for registration-

It’s hard to believe it but, another registration for classes is right around the corner and for some, class schedules for next fall have not even been a thought on their mind. The biggest problem that a lot of people face is realizing that the classes, with the professors they want, and the times they want, fill up quickly. This issue is what a lot of people run into, and do not know where to go from there, especially freshman that are beginning to take a lot of their required courses that a lot of other people have to take too. So it’s helpful getting advice from those who have gone through the process of picking classes multiple times. Here are 5 tips to help make the process of registering for classes run smoother.

  1. Especially if you have a bad pick time, it is highly recommended to make more than one schedule. Making about four different schedules is a good idea, and it is easy to change them around or combine parts of one schedule with another.
  2. When making your schedule, don’t just fill up your schedule with the required courses for your major. First of all, it is pretty unlikely you will get into all those classes but, even so, that can end up being really difficult to manage.
  3. Do not wait until the last minute to make your schedule, it never works!
  4. Don’t wait to take your science until second semester senior year
from dribble
  1. Take lab science rather than 2 sciences.


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