Have you ever been congested and thought to yourself, “I should stick garlic up my nose!”

Tik Tok is full of quick tricks to make life easier. They’re usually referred to as “life hacks”. In reality they are often pretty silly. Once one person gives it a try, thousands of other people try it out. A trend has been started.

Some trends are harmless or even helpful. Others… you should definitely avoid! Here is a list of the stupidest/most dangerous trends on Tik Tok.

Hydrogen Peroxide for Ear Wax


Health Hacks! Hydrogen Peroxide for Earwax 101 (via @ayishafrita) #earwax #earwaxremmoval #peroxide #learnontiktok #healthhacks

♬ original sound – Doctor Sina

The trend is when you pour Hydrogen Peroxide in your ear canal to help break down the earwax. Dr. Sina Joorabchi, an ear, nose, and facial doctor on Tik Tok duetted the original Tik Tok that started the trend. He says to look at the concentration of the peroxide, “you don’t want more than 10%” and not to use a lot that 3-5 drops is plenty and especially don’t do it if you have an ear infection. But your best bet would not to put it in your ear and just use regular ear drops.

Garlic Up The Nose

Flu and cold season is here at SJU but don’t do this trend of sticking garlic up your nose to try to clear your sinuses. People on Tik Tok started putting garlic up their nose and when they remove it mucus comes flowing out their nose. Dr. Whitney Bowe, a dermatologist on Tik Tok, duetted a Tik Tok talking about how this trend is a big no. Dr. Bowe said “the garlic triggers contact dermatitis that creates swelling”. So your best bet is to not put garlic up your nose and take the normal medicine. 

Dry Scooping

Dry scooping is when you take pre workout or protein without water. The idea of the trend is to swallow the pre-work out as the powder. By doing this it hits faster than doing it normally by mixing it with water. This trend sent a girl to the hospital because she had a heart attack from the rush of caffeine. In this Tik Tok, Mad Medicine talked about how you don’t really know what’s in the supplements. He also stated “they had to pull products because they’re dangerous to consumers”. Pre-workout can lead to an irregular heartbeat. He ends the video saying if you’re going to use pre workout, do it carefully.

Tooth Filing


Why filing teeth isn’t like filing your nails! #tiktokpartner #learnontiktok #dentist #teethfile #vampireteeth bg: @xanthewessen, washingtonpost.com

♬ original sound – Your TikTok Dentist

The final dangerous Tik Tok trend is tooth filing. Dr. Mackie, a dentist on Tik Tok,  stitched a video of a girl filing her teeth to have vampire teeth. Dr. Mackie starts off by comparing filing your nails and teeth. She said “nails will grow back, teeth don’t grow back.” If you want perfect teeth go to a dentist who can do it for you. Many dentists have duetted or stitched video of people filing their teeth pleading them not to. Benjamin Winters, one of the most famous tik tok dentists called The Bentist, also said “don’t cry to me when your teeth are more sensitive than a 2-year-old.”

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