We all get insecure at one point or another in our lives. This can happen because we rely on the things or people around us to tell us how valuable we are. It is easy to forget that only we can define our own self-worth. We constantly measure our worth using those outside opinions from social media, grades, our relationships, etc. If these things do not match up to the standards we hold for ourselves, our self-esteem lowers and affects us in a negative way. We focus on things that do not determine our worth in order to please everyone around us instead of ourselves. These things we think about often do not measure our own self worth.

Social Media

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Social media is awesome. It helps us keep up with news, our friends, and helps us find new trends. We often define our self-worth by how many followers we have on Instagram and Twitter as well as the amount of likes we get on our posts. When people see that we do not have a large amount of followers or likes, the connect that with, “this person probably is not important or interesting.” People just assume that you are liked more if you have more followers. That is how we let social media define us. According to the Huffington Post, 60% of people from the ages of 28-73 reported that social media had impacted their self-esteem in a negative way. But social media should not define us. There are ways to prevent social media from defining you. For starters, stop comparing h your photos to others. We take so much time scrolling through our friends and ur exes profiles seeing how much better we think their lives are. Instead of doing this, focus on yourself and you own goals. By doing this you will not have time to focus on other people’s lives because you will be so happy with your own. Do not bend the truth to sound more interesting. There is no point in twisting the truth to make your life sound like it is the most perfect thing in the world. The immense stress of making your life seem perfect is exhausting and showing the realness of your life allows you connect more with everyone. Let the vulnerability and realness show. Embrace what is not perfect. As perfect as some people’s lives seem on Instagram and Twitter, they go through the same struggles we go through. It is hard for them to keep up this perfect facade on Instagram. Embrace that you are not perfect.


Photo By: Luisa Rojo

Grades are definitely important; but they are not a way that you should define yourself. If we get a bad grade on a test or something most of us would freak out. Our grades do not determine how smart we are. Also getting a bad grade cannot even measure something like our dedication to well or your work ethic. When we get a bad grade or the grade we do not or expect, it will tear us apart. According to a 2002 study at University of Michigan, 80% of students based their self-worth on their academic performance. In life, everyone is going to fail. It happens that is how life is. Failing a test may make us feel shitty but it does not say that we are any less smart or work any less. True lessons and learning come from ultimate struggling. If you struggle and strive for success, you will get there.

Relationships and Relationship Status

Photo By: Luisa Rojo

Relationships are fun and exciting. Having someone in your life that likes to spoil you is always a good feeling. This one is for all the “people pleasers” out there. We let people define our self-worth by comparing ourselves to them. In fact, in a Hawk Chill Instagram poll 79% of people said that they have doubted their self-worth because of a relationship they have been in. We let relationships define us because if we are not in one, we feel as if we are not worthy of love or being loved.This why you should not let a relationship define your self-worth. Before he or she broke up with you, you had a life. You did not instantly start dating the minute you were born. Your life did not end the moment you started dating. If you feel like your life is over, let go thinking who was right and wrong and go hang with your friends, take up a new hobby, at least do something that made you happy before your former significant other came along. Just because you are single, does not mean you are nobody. What makes you think you were only worth something when you were with someone? He or she did not make you anymore worth it or less worth it by being with you and then not. Do not base your worth on the condition of your relationship. If you let your relationship define you and your self-worth, you are depending on it to never end make you happy. The status of your relationship should not and does not dictate how you live your life. Live it like there is no tomorrow.  

The last thing that you should not let determine your self-worth is anything and anyone but yourself. Here is the truth and bottom line: your self-worth is entirely and only up to you. You are worthy because YOU say so. Not your grades, not your Instagram or Twitter, and most definitely not your relationships. Look inside yourself and inside your heart. Trust and know that you are more than enough.

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