With the holiday season quickly approaching, college students are reminded of our empty wallets. On one hand, we want to give our family the best gifts we can, but with what

 money? Fortunately, our school bookstore is offering some fantastic deals, so you can actually afford to give nice gifts this season. Here are our top five choices for inexpensive gifts this year.

  1. Water Bottles. Reusable water bottles are a great purchase. Anyone would appreciate it; after all, we all need to drink water. Reusable water bottles save money in the long term, especially when compared to buying bottled water. For your environmentally conscious friends, they’ll appreciate the eco-friendly nature of this gift. Best of all, it’s only $16.98.
  2. Winter Hats. Here’s another gift that’s universally adored and everyone will need. These are both stylish, and effective in the cold. There’s not much that will keep you warm like a nice, soft, winter hat, available for only $15 at the bookstore.
  3. Hawks Vs. Nova T-Shirts. If you know anybody this holiday season who’s a SJU alumni, then they surely remember watching the Saint Joseph’s vs. Villanova basketball game. Dubbed “The Holy War” by students, this game is one of the longest standing rivalries in college basketball, going all the way back to 1958. Anyone who’s familiar with SJU would love a souvenir from this awesome tradition. The shirt would also make a great gift for your Villanova-loving friends and family, only to rub it in, of course. Show some SJU pride for only $19.99.
  4. Clearance Hats. Baseball caps, a great gift for fathers, grandfathers, friends, and anyone wanting to be stylish or just to keep the sun off their eyes. It’s a classic gift you can’t go wrong with. Plus, the clearance pricing will save you money. There are plenty of other marked down gifts in the book store, just look for that red clearance labeling! With clearance, these hats range from $15-$20.
  5. “Hot Guys and Baby Animals Calendar”. Last but not least, the gift that requires no explanation. It’s a great gift for anyone who loves baby animals… and maybe also the guys in the picture. Make someone’s day a lot more eye-catching for only $14.99.

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