Everyone knows there are stereotypes that surround every major. But, what if those stereotypes were suddenly turned into Christmas Ornaments? We thought about the various characteristics that people in specific majors have, and we did just that! Keep reading to see what type of ornaments people in certain majors will be decorating their tree with this Christmas season…


Description: Plain. Just plain.

Ahhhh accounting, the blandest of majors. You aren’t missing out on the classic round ornament. Probably red or green. Doesn’t get simpler than that.


Description: ~Artsy~

It’s all about the aesthetic for this one. Art majors truly show off their creative side with ornaments that have glitter, paint: anything and everything artistic you can throw on an ornament. This ornament can be a little much sometimes… but hey, art majors can be a little much sometimes.


Description: “Debatable”

What even is an ornament? How does it relate to the holiday? The world? There has to be a deeper meaning behind this ornament… The flowers definitely represent those who celebrate Christmas and the ornament represent the world that holds us all… Right?

Religious Studies

Description: God bless baby Jesus

We’re SURE that any and all religious studies majors will be decorating their trees with the sweet baby Jesus this Christmas… That is the true meaning of the holiday though right?

Sports Marketing

Description: Die hard fan, probably loves sports more than you do

Like…sports, bro? Any excuse to show your love for sports and your favorite team,  NEEDS to be taken advantage of. Baseball, basketball, football, you name it, they probably are repping their favorite teams on their tree this Christmas. The options are ENDLESS.

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