Who knew the most wonderful time of the year could be so stressful? With only three weeks between Thanksgiving break and the semester ending, it seems as if everyone is scrambling to get an entire semester’s worth of work done. It does not help that Christmas is looming in the distance, tempting you to just forget about all of your commitments. The best way to get through the most turbulent time of the year is by coping with everything in stride. Here are three tips for getting the best out of this three week crunch time.

1. Snacking

Credit: Connor Kane

Time is precious during these coming weeks, and making three meals a day can take away from that. Americans spend about 62 minutes a day making meals. Snacking is an efficient way to both eat on the go and save time. To make sure that you are making the best out of snacking, try getting healthy snacks so that you are helping your mind and body. “I eat crackers with peanut butter to get me through studying,” says Jess Arends ’20. It’s important to keep eating while working so that you can concentrate on your assignments.

2. Christmas Music

Credit: Connor Kane

Why not fully embrace the holiday season and listen to Christmas music? If you are not stressed by the approaching holiday, there is no better way to celebrate while working. “Christmas music helps me concentrate and cope with the chaos at the end of the semester,” explains Alex Ventola ’19. You can replace your usual study playlist with an instrumental Christmas one for better concentration. Try this Spotify playlist for your next study session!

3. Get a Hobby

Credit: Connor Kane

Whether it be painting, knitting, or color-coding your notes, turn off the technology in favor of these kinds of activities to help reduce stress. “I find that organizing anything helps me calm down and feel like I have my life together,” notes Deanna Martin ’19. You are already using too much technology for school, so why not take a break for your own health? It might not seem ideal to start up a new activity when there is so much going on, but it will help take your mind off of things.

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