Summer is over, and it’s time for your “Winter Diet” aka the “Holi-Diet” to commence. The “Holi-Diet” consists of all the foods you will try to, but fail to avoid during the three major holidays this winter.

What you think you’ll eat versus what you’ll actually eat are two completely different things. You may say you’re going to eat a salad but, let’s face it, you’re going to eat a bowl (Yes, I mean a bowl) of candy, get stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey, and down Christmas cookies like you are Santa himself.

Please note: Be prepared to trade your skinny jeans for your “eatin pants.”


This is the first holiday of the “Holi-diet.” You’re fresh out of the summer season and still have that #summerbod mindset when it comes to the foods you eat. You think you’re going to keep that up during the holiday season? “Hallo,” I want some Candy Corn!


*Replacing the Acai Bowl.

Serving size:

Recommended: 21 Pieces of Candy Corn

Holi-Diet: 1 bag of Candy Corn per person


  1. Continuing the healthy summer mindset, select a few of your favorite fresh fruits!
  2. Slice the fruits and place them into a bowl.
  3. Mix in yogurt and any desired toppings like granola!
  4. Sit down at the table and enjoy.
  5. Proceed to dump the Acai bowl on the floor
  6. Fill now empty bowl with an entire bag of Candy Corn.
  7. Now, enjoy 🙂



Ah, yes Thanksgiving. This holiday is literally centered around eating. Do I need to even explain why your #summerbod will not survive this holiday? #Ithinknot

Holi-Diet: Apple Pie

*Replacing the healthy alternative of Apple Slices

Serving size

Recommended: 1 slice 

Holi-Diet: 1 pie per person


  1. Slice 6 to 8 fresh apples
  2. Enjoy… JUST KIDDING!
  3. Coat those bad boys in cinnamon and sugar!
  4. Fill up that pie shell, fully of course.
  5. Bake at 350 for 45 minutes
  6. Take it out of the oven and eat it straight out of the pan.


Christmas is the final holiday in the series of the “Holi-Diet.” Halloween and Thanksgiving have basically been training you for this… you’re ready.

Holi-Diet: ANY type of Cookie

*Replacing the healthy alternative of a Hard Boiled Egg

Serving size

Recommended: 1 cookie (Well, that’s a sick joke.)

Holi-Diet: As many as you can possibly eat.


  1. Do NOT eat any other foods other than cookies of any type.
  2. Pretty much shove as many cookies down your throat just like how Buddy the Elf shoved as many cookies as he could into the VCR.


By the end of the winter… you’ll be feeling something like this:



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