The Do’s and Don’ts of Partying

The Do’s

Bringing a jacket

Bring a fracket.

Fracket: an old jacket with not much value that you can bring to parties that you wouldn’t mind losing if you happen to leave it somewhere

Wear a flannel

Flannels are cute and light, perfect to keep you warm while walking to and from a party.

Borrow a jacket

Find a cute boy who is willing to give up his jacket for you for the walk in the cold.

Wear the right shoes

What are the right shoes you ask? Well if your shoes are white they’re not going to be that color for long.  You’re shoes will get very dirty so get frat shoes, shoes you don’t mind getting ruined.

Avoid a Hangover

Drinking water is key.  It is hard to remember to drink water throughout the night so make sure you chug water before you go to bed.

Eat before going out

Never drink on an empty stomach.  Make sure you have a nice big meal before you go out.

The Don’ts

Do not drink the jungle juice

Jungle juice is best to avoid because it is always a variety of mixed alcohol and it is unknown to the drinker.  Stick to your own drinks and knowing what you are drinking.

Watch your cup

Bring your own cup or get a cup at the party and make sure you’re the one to fill your cup or watch your cup being filled.  Also make sure that you watch your drink and know what you are drinking.

Sharing is not caring

Avoid sharing drinks with people or sharing other things like juuls.  This is a very easy way to spread germs and get sick.

Do not separate from your friends

Make sure to stay with your friends all night no matter where you go because you should never be alone.  Then you and your friends can look out for each other to make sure everyone is safe.

Do not mix drinks

Do not mix light and dark liquor.  If you start with beer, stick with beer to avoid getting sick or drinking too much.




Claire Pier  ’21 on Tips for Partying

  • “Make sure that you go places in groups.”
  • “Do not mix caffeine and alcohol.”
  • “Do not take Advil, it is a blood thinner and bad for the liver especially when mixing it with drinking.” 
  • “Eat a big meal before, never go out on an empty stomach it is not good and also bad for the liver.”
  • “I would also recommend setting alarms the night of so if you have to wake up the next morning for anything you will be prepared.”
usual day party at Saint Joe’s that Claire attends taken by Emma Herrick


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