whether you are training for The Broadstreet Run or just trying to get in shape, here are some of the most scenic running trails near Hawk Hill perfect for enjoying the springtime weather.

Starting point: 5600 City Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19131

  1. Merion Botanical Park:

Distance: 1.6 miles (round trip)

Description: If you are just getting back into running after a long winter hibernation, the Merion Botanical Park is the best place to start. A quiet, residential park hidden behind the SJU Baseball field, it is a family friendly location that is an easy run. Build up endurance and lap the park a couple of times to get a longer workout

2. Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary:

Distance: 2.4 miles (round trip)

Description: Only have time for a quick jog in between classes? Venture out to Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary for a quick lap behind campus. Take in the residency where Pope Francis stayed during his trip to Philadelphia a year ago, and enjoy the beautiful grounds.

3. Manayunk Bridge Trail: via Cynwyd Heritage Trail

Distance: 5.4 miles (round trip)

Description: This trail is a great workout due to its residential roads and gradual hills. The route takes you through a beautiful park called the Cynwyd Heritage Trail and ends with a jog across the famous Manayunk Bridge that gives you a breathtaking view of manayunk

4. Fairmount Park:

Distance: 8.0 miles (round trip)

Description: One of the largest municipal parks in Philadelphia, Fairmount Park is a fan favorite for SJU runners. Breathtaking views, shaded areas perfect during the heat of the summer, it is a great longer run for those training in the Broadstreet Run.

5. Philadelphia Art Museum:

Distance: 9.4 miles (round trip)

Description: The Art Museum run is a staple for any long distance runner in Philly. This run is a great trail that takes you right across the Schuylkill river and into center city. Embrace your inner Rocky and run up the steps to finish your workout at an even 10 miles (while singing the tune yourself).

So get out there Hawks, lace up those sneakers, and pick the trail of your choice to break a sweat and enjoy the view.

-Katie O’Brien ’18

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