You’re walking to class with a group of friends, or maybe you’re in the city on your way to grab lunch, when suddenly you realize – you forgot something in your room. That’s when she gives you that knowing glance with a hint of concern and asks: “What? Tissues? Does anyone need tissues? A bandaid? I have a Tide to-go stick.”

After she hands you a travel-size bottle of the lotion you forgot in your room, you think to yourself what else does she have in there? We all know the designated “Mom” of the friend group who’s always prepared for every occasion, but how do they do it? We asked around, and here are the most popular items you’ll find in the bag of the mom of the friend group.

Mom Friend Essentials

Tide to-go Stick

Cleaning Stain On Shirt

One of my friends had a job interview, and was talking about how nervous she was. To try and help take her mind off of it, we decided to grab lunch. However, one ketchup-filled burger later, her nice interview outfit turned into a tomatoey mess. Luckily, I had my handy-dandy Tide to-go pen with me, and we were able to get the stain right out! And even better, she got the job!


Lotion Bottle

A guy I worked with had recently gotten a new tattoo, which many know requires all-day care when it’s fresh. One day we were at work, and he realized he forgot to apply lotion to his new ink. Thankfully, I had my ever-present lotion in my work bag, and was able to save him from a potentially tattoo-threatening situation. For the rest of the summer I was known for my lotion, which ended up servicing more than just a tattoo emergency.


Hungry Girl

What would a mom be without her snacks? Freshman year, my friends and I were stumbling around the city trying to find our way to the nearest cheesesteak, when one of our friends declared “I’m so hungry. Please, someone fix this.” Without hesitation, our friend turns to her and asks “would you like a granola bar or crackers?” That’s right. She brought snacks on our way to lunch. Who thinks of these things?

Extra Fork

Pickle Jar

On a rainy Friday after three midterms, my friend and I were mentally and physically exhausted, so we decided to treat ourselves to our favorite food in the world: pickles. We bought an entire jar and were ready to go to town, but soon realized we had no fork to get the pickles out of the jar. “Wait, hold on. I got this.” I said, reaching into my purse. I pulled out a stainless steel fork wrapped in a napkin. “How on earth… WHY on earth…” is all my friend could manage to say before I just shrugged and stabbed my fork into a pickle.

Beyond these mom essentials, some honorable mentions include: water bottles, hair ties, hand sanitizer, phone charger, earbuds, chapstick, pens/pencils, gum/mints, bug spray and sunscreen.

Thanks, Mom.


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