It is widely known across the world that spring break is a time for college kids to cut back, hang loose, and let go. But few people actually know that the history of spring break’s origins date back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, who celebrated the coming of spring with a 1-2 week long celebration where they would gather to celebrate the blooming of the flora. In present times, students all around the world continue this tradition of welcoming spring with a fun and adventurous well-deserved week off. For this article we are going to compare how people spring break differently around the world, the United States and Europe specifically,  and hopefully give you some ideas of where to go next!

The United States

In the United States, spring break came to be when Fort Lauderdale built Florida’s first olympic sized pool, athletes flocked to swim in the pool and to party. In 1986, MTV did its first spring break special in Daytona, Florida, which solidified the essence of what spring break means as an American. Presently, you can find college students heading to Miami or Cancun to enjoy some fun-in-the-sun or relaxing at home. Some families use their spring break to travel to see family, or to take a much needed family vacation. Also, many universities offer mission trips to places within the states or around the world. While some other students even choose to stay on campus, work a job, or take this time to catch up on their studies.  Whatever you do, remember this week is your vacation.


Europe is a place of beautiful art and architecture with a slice of party on the side. In fact, it was the Europeans who taught the rest of the world how to party. So, for spring break on this wonderful continent, there are three options according to the college culture on how to spend your time off. One option is to stay at home and catch up on your studies but this method isn’t exactly the popular choice. Option two is to do something cultural. It is undeniable that Europe has some of the most unique cultural aspects in the world. This option allows students to visit museums, art galleries, castles, and other sites that encompass the culture of the place they live in. Three, the most popular option, is to “do something sick”. This includes going to Poland to drink authentic Vodka, going to Scotland to drink some fine Whiskey, or taking a trip to Europe’s number one party island, Ibiza. Spring break is a time for every college student to take a break, spend it whichever way you feel best, be safe, smart, and of course, live it up!

All the places you can go!

Spring Break destinations are scattered across the world, whether it be on the beaches of Mexico or on the slopes of Aspen. Cancun, Mexico has been a popular party destination because of its miles of beaches and water sports such as wakeboarding and snorkeling. Similarly, Jamaica is among one of the favorites because it can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The theme of watersports follows also to the beaches of Puerto Rico, where surfing is very popular. Cabo, San Lucas is a spring break destination if you want to splurge; but its accommodations are a bit pricier. On the other hand if you want to save your wallet some money, then go to the illustrious Bahamas, it will be the cultural experience of a lifetime. If you are looking to party hard, head down to Panama City or Miami in Florida. If you are interested in a party but not necessarily at a beach, Las Vegas is the place for you. To be economical, a cruise to Acapulco is popular, it is also famous for its water sports. If the sun and sand don’t meet your wants, you can go to the Swiss Alps or the slopes of Aspen, Colorado.

If staying in the states just isn’t your idea of a good spring break, try a mission trip to Africa, exploring the culture in European cities, climbing the hills of Ireland, or exploring authentic cuisine in Asia. If you’re really feeling adventurous, take a trip down under and surf some waves in beautiful Australia.

Whatever you do on your week off, remember to be safe, smart, and do what makes your college heart happy!



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