It’s Sunday night, you’re watching tv and planning the week ahead. You have three classes on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and two on Tuesday, Thursday. You have practice on Monday and Tuesday, with an important meeting on Monday and a six page paper due Tuesday night.

You’re overwhelmed planning where you can fit the paper into your schedule. Instead of pulling out your laptop or heading to the library, you rather eat to calm your nerves. What’s going to be your choice of comfort food?

Many students on Saint Joseph’s campus said ice cream of course, but after taking that selection away, they came up with very different food types.

One student said “ popcorn with a little sugar and extra butter”, another student said “loaded nachos”.

Harvard Health publishing said, “Stress also seems to affect food preferences… physical or emotional distress increases the intake of food high in fat, sugar, or both”.

When people are stressed it’s easier to get something to munch on, to help you feel better, and most of those comfort foods people choose are fast foods or unhealthy.

What is your go to comfort food when you’re stressed?

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