Ever wake up in a rush filled with anxiety that the week is about to begin? You’re not alone. You had a long enjoyable weekend, maybe you went out on the town with friends, had a romantic dinner with a significant other, and watched a movie all snuggled in front of the T.V. You had the time of your life. However, at some point, the weekend must come to an end. Sunday is the day everyone dreads. The eve before having to go back to school or work. The Sunday scaries kick in and it’s almost impossible to do anything. Just like you, we all go through the same habits from waking up to falling asleep. Now, if you still feel that you’re alone, keep reading…

8 A.M.

As the sun beams hit your face, you suddenly wake up. You lie in bed not wanting to move until you finally reach for your phone and check the time. When you turn to your phone and the screen screams 8 A.M. you can’t help but think oh hell no, especially on a Sunday, eight in the morning feels like midnight. Why am I awake?, you wonder. Quickly you start to remember the past night and the fact that you have a ton of work waiting for you. Before you know it you’re passed out again.

12 P.M.

After sleeping some more, it’s now time to actually wake up. The first thing you do is check your phone. In between all the Snapchat and Instagram notifications, there are missed messages from your friends inviting you to Sunday brunch. After laying in bed for another fifteen minutes, you finally find the strength to unlatch yourself from your comfy bed and then you suddenly feel it all. Not only do you remember what you did last night (if you went out Saturday night), but you remember it’s Sunday and the weekend is over. You stand up trying to hold yourself together and walk to the bathroom. As you pass by the bathroom mirror, you stare at yourself and think oh my god as you contemplate whether you have it in you for brunch. After debating whether to go or not, you suddenly find yourself starving and decide that brunch is the only food you have left as you ate all the food on your munchies bend the night before. Since you’ve decided on going, you have to make yourself look decent and presentable so you blast music to pump yourself up and begin to get ready.


2 P.M.

Once you have determined that your people are alive and well, or at least still breathing, you come together and find a place to eat. You all drag your feet and oversize sweats into the diner, café, or dining hall.  Then you recap your night over bagels, pancakes, eggs, and other foods and drink enough water and ginger ale to flood the Sahara Desert. If your bladder doesn’t feel like it may burst before brunch is over, you’ve done something wrong.



3:30 P.M.

After finally eating and catching up with your friends, it’s now time to return to reality and start cleaning up the mess that is your room (and possibly life). You go back to your room and start picking up all the clothes you left lying on your bed and floor last night as you didn’t know what to wear before choosing the same shirt you’ve worn a thousand times (we’ve all been there). After putting your clothes back you realize your hamper is about to explode so you throw all your clothes into the washer. When you return to your room you start cleaning up everything. Somehow it’s taken you more than an hour to clean as you keep taking mini phone breaks that turn into sagas. Then after doing various laundry rounds, your clothes are all put away nicely in your closet. Finally, your room doesn’t look like an animal den and you spray Febreze one last time. You sit on your bed and the procrastination continues.



6:15 P.M.

Procrastination has prolonged all the way to night now and it’s time to clean yourself up. Before hitting the shower you contemplate on what you should eat for dinner. There’s an internal struggle between ordering a delicious dominos pizza or forcing yourself to cook. After thinking it over, you’ve decided that pizza is the right choice since you’re a lazy college student. You call Dominos and after being on hold for a few minutes while listening to elevator music, you finally order a pizza with bread twists on the side. Now it’s time to get into the shower and take as much time as you need. The thought of homework starts creeping in but it’s soon replaced by the thought of the delicious pizza that’s on it’s way. After probably spending awhile in the shower thinking about life, your pizza arrives and you dig in!


9 P.M

Man, that pizza was amazing! Now it’s time to sit down and watch the only thing worth watching on cable on a Sunday night, Dateline. You sit down on your couch, turn the television on, and get excited as the episode beings. You feel relaxed watching the episode, laughing, and especially forgetting that you have work to do and the night is close to ending. This might be the highlight of your night besides the pizza, and even if you don’t watch Dateline on a Sunday night (which you should) you’re still going to turn the tv on because procrastination is a key habit to the Sunday scaries.



10:30 P.M.

After spending the whole day procrastinating and dreading to even think about homework or stu[dying] you soon realize it’s 10:30 pm and you’ve run out of time. You slowly start to panic and the stress kicks in. After a good ten panic driven minutes you finally open your agenda, ugh. Opening your notebook and starting to do homework has never felt this hard in your life. Once you begin you keep going till your done, like a champ (with the occasional phone break).

12 A.M.

After spending more than an hour on schoolwork you feel that your mind is fried. You still can’t believe that the weekend is over as you start getting ready for bed. When you finally get in bed and realize how tired you are, you open your laptop and start watching Netflix because it’s obviously the logical decision. Even with your mind fried from homework you can’t help, but continue to watch the next episode and then the next and the next… Before you know it, it’s almost 2AM and you decide that it’s time for sleep. Congratulations! You survived the Sunday scaries, now get ready for the Monday blues!


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