Saving Money as a Student


Going to college is a very lively and astonishing experience in our lives but it can also be very costly, and with student loans saving money is a must. As college students one of the biggest expenditures is groceries, most college students go to purchase groceries every week or two and the bill adds up after every purchase leaving your wallet dry and finding the cheap stores with good deals can be difficult at times.

Photo By: Gabby Smalls

However there is a way to buy the same amount of groceries for a discounted price. There are plenty of stores within the area that have quality fresh foods for much cheaper than Whole Foods  or The Fresh Market. The first store we looked at was Acme at the Bala Cynwyd shopping center which is a five minute drive from campus. At this store, all students can pay with hawk cash and get discounts for having their student ID, but that’s not all, there are also coupons you can print online and get a 10% discount off your entire purchase. This is very useful because Acme has fresh produce and meats, like steak and chicken, along with an abundance of other snacks and drinks for the dorm. Another location is Target  which is just down the street from Acme and is on City Ave. Target is a much bigger store with a lot of produce and a plethora of other food. It also has plenty of other goods like clothes, electronics, and other belongings for your dorm like furniture and home goods. Target offers very cheap prices which makes it ideal for students to shop at. Another money saver is The Fresh Grocer which is a 7 minute drive from campus and is located at, 4160 Monument Rd. The Fresh Grocer is similar to Acme in the sense that you can get fresh produce, just like Whole Foods, but you get a 10% discount just for showing your student ID. The price differences at these stores are drastic, at Whole Foods you can buy two mangos would be $4.00 and a bag of 8 lemons is $7.92 bringing your total to $11.92, while at The Fresh Grocer you two mangos for $1.98 and a bag of 8 lemons for $2.99 which is a total of $4.97. Although this doesn’t look like a huge difference and in the long run it will save an extravagant amount of money on food and these new stores should help you save a ton. Overall there are many ways to save money on food as a student.

Photo By: Gabby Smalls

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