Bracing For Another Lockdown 

As we are all aware COVID-19 is on the rise and numbers are far worse than they were when we were locked down and unable to leave our homes the first time. As a result, Philadelphia is issuing another lockdown starting this Friday November 20th. With another lockdown on the way it is important to learn how to best approach isolation while staying in tune with yourself and your mental health. In an instagram poll we had asked our followers if their mental health had been impacted by COVID-19. Almost every single respondent said that it had been. Not only is the pandemic a major health crisis right now but so is mental health. In fact suicide numbers are rising due to the pandemic. In a time of such isolation it is easy to feel down, depressed, out of control, anxiety ridden, and irritable. Bracing yourself for another lockdown and discovering ways that will help your mind, body, and spirit is a priority. 

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Unlocking Yourself While In A Lockdown 

Isolation has proved to be hard on just about anyone. Without daily distractions the only thing you are left with is yourself. In daily life it is easy to let other things consume you and to not be in tune with yourself. For many, the first lockdown is the first time that people had truly sat down with themselves and were forced to be within themself. More than half of our instagram followers had mentioned that they enjoy alone time, while 23% had stated that they do not enjoy it. Unlocking yourself while in a lockdown is quite the adventure. We had asked our followers through an instagram poll how they get to know themselves during alone time. Our most popular results were journaling, meditation, and poetry. It is important to pick up a hobby that allows you to discover yourself and make peace with your inner being. Taking care of not only your physical health but your mental health as well is so important during these challenging times. 

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Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable 

Isolation from another lockdown is scary, living in the unknown is scary, being forced to be with yourself is scary. These times are uncertain and uncomfortable. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Find a hobby that works for you and improves your mental health. Most importantly know that this is not permanent. Prepare yourself with your favorite blanket, movie, and snacks. Schedule out time for a walk in a nearby park, reading with a cup of tea, or time to sit down with paper and pen. Lastly remember you are not alone, we are all in a collective struggle. Let us all help one another make it out. 

Picture shows a hand holding a pen writing in a journal; Courtesy: Pixabay

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