Do you ever feel like there something missing in your room? Are the lights a little too dull? Do you not have enough pillows on your bed? Maybe it’s time for you to change things up and make your space your own. Students move away from home and are left with the daunting task of decorating their rooms and creating a pleasurable space that they can thrive in. From the picture of high school friends down to the color of your sheets the aesthetics of your dorm room actually affect your everyday living. 

Research shows that aesthetically-pleasing spaces support psychological and emotional health and give way to greater community living as a whole. Maintaining your dorm room and personal spaces adds value to our college experience. Living an aesthetic life can lead to an increase in mental health and overall happiness. So if you’ve been considering decorating your own space or even changing your room so you can find a perfect fit, you’ve come to the right place. 

SJU student, Alaina Head, enjoys listening to the Beatles, therefore she decorates her room with a lot of their quotes, posters, and records. Photo by Gabby Smalls.

To start, you’ll want to make your sure your room is lit to your liking. Finding the lighting you like will set the tone of the room and change your mood when you walk in. Studies have found that individuals who live in brighter or well-lit spaces tend to feel more energized and motivated to complete tasks. Cluttered and dull spaces tend to lead to laziness and bad habits. For example, imagine walking home, and when you get to your room, it’s dull and you’re already tired. The likelihood that you’ll sit at your desk and do work is slim to none, as you’ll most likely take a nap. A brighter room will give you the motivation you need to finish your task for the day. Amazon sells every lighting imaginable for you to make your space shine a little brighter.

Next you’ll want to surround yourself with the things you love most making the space as comfortable and at-home as can be. Whether it’s pictures of your pets or friends and family, you’ll want something to remind you of home while your away. Try a collage of pictures over your desk so that when you feel discouraged, you’re reminded that you have a support system. You’ll want your room to feel as inviting as possible, so some extra seating for your friends would be ideal. Maybe consider purchasing a few bean bags or nice foldable chairs. Things that make you feel nice like bedding consistent with your favorite color or decorative pillows and a rug with make your room truly yours and the hangout spot on your floor.

A photo of Janine Gasarowski’s dorm room decor which includes images that remind her of home and other items that inspire her to keep moving forward in her studies. Photo by Janine Gasarowski.

We spoke to some Hawks on campus about what they did to make their room a home away from home. Janine Gasarowski ‘22 says, “I decorated my room with as many pictures and artwork as I could. As an art and communications major, I liked to be surrounded by things that inspire me. Around my desk, I like to include prayers and motivational quotes to help me through my studies.”


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