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We are lucky enough to call Hawk Hill our home. It is a beautiful campus and has many quiet areas to zone out into your safe-zone. Everyone needs time to get away from their roommates and friends. The goal is to relax, reassess and meditate so one can focus. Getting to know your own thoughts is important to make you truly happy.

Recently the weather has been very nice out and warm. It is great to be outside and to clear your mind from the headaches of the week. Once a week, I like to walk around campus usually stopping at Sweeney Field because it makes me feel relaxed and calm. Breathing fresh air and thinking about myself is good and healthy. It seems like our minds are always racing around like a speedway.

Once I complete one task, my mind always wants to jump to the next. It is important to breath and It’s also good to walk around campus that is good exercise. As well, its healthy to have thoughts flowing from the mind. Many times, we make rash decisions so it’s nice to have days when we can take care of our own thoughts.

It is important to take time to exercise daily and for your mind to get exercise. Think about it! Your mind is always working and millions of thoughts come across it a day. The best ideas come when you are happy. A person’s mental health must be stronger than any muscle because your will power and ability to choose and make good decisions is very important. Now we are in college and are old enough to tell the difference between right and wrong. Listen to your mind once a week or once a month and it will make a difference.

Matt Deleo

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