Whether you are a freshman or a senior, we all have encountered at least one of these types of roommates. Use this guide to help you to set some ground rules and deal with the different roommates you’ll encounter throughout your life.

The Party Animal

Being away from your parents means you’re bound to go out more and party. But there are some people who seem to take EVERY opportunity they get to go out and party, even if it is a weekday. So while most will be sleeping to get their rest for their 8 AM’s, others might be partying it up on a Tuesday night. If your roommate always ends up walking in at the early hours of the morning, then try to set some rules between the two of you:

  • When walking in, try and be as quiet as possible so the one doesn’t wake up the other
  • Only use a desk lamp or flashlight when coming in so the overhead light doesn’t wake up the other
Photo Credit: Allison Tzaneteas
Concert by Allison Tzaneteas

The Early Bird

While you’re trying to get as much sleep as possible, these students are trying to get as much done in their day as possible. If you’re roommate keeps waking you up super early with their alarms and the lights, try to get them to:

  • Lower the volume of their alarm
  • Use only their desk lamp to provide light
  • Another option could be to get earplugs so they don’t disturb you while you’re sleeping
Kerri Grecco
Rise and Shine by Kerri Greco

The Neat Freak

There’s always someone who is a neat freak and loves to have everything in a certain order, and perhaps you’re just not like that. Sometimes their tidiness can interfere with how you live in your space. So if your roommate starts cleaning up after you and moving your stuff, try to make it clear about what’s acceptable and what isn’t:

  • Let them know what’s yours and to not interfere with that
  • In return you can agree to clean up your side of the room more often so they don’t get upset.
Kerri Grecco
Neat Freak by Kerri Greco

The Roommate w/a S.O.

We’re all adults now, so obviously it’s likely that some roommates you’ll encounter will have a significant other. If they are at the same school, it’s also very likely that they’ll be spending a lot of time together in their rooms. To make sure your living space is livable without interruptions – make sure your roommate knows how you feel about their partner being over all the time.

  • Try to set a set time they should be out by or what times they can’t be there because you’re trying to study or get sleep
  • Most definitely make sure they ask before letting them sleep over – especially if you aren’t there and someone is going to be taking your bed

The Smelly Roommate

If your roommate turns out to be extremely messy, rarely showering, and just making your room smell – make sure you put them in check. Your living space is a reflection of who you are, so you don’t want someone else’s living space you share to represent you.

  • Tell them that they have to pick up after themselves
  • This could mean taking the trash out, and making sure their dirty laundry isn’t all over the place


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