From poodle skirts to flowy pants with kitschy, tie dye embellishments, fashion trends and their representations ebb and flow. However, the meaning behind one’s clothing choices says a lot about both the era, and the individuals themselves. 

Twenty-first century fashion appears to be the most individualistic and unique; with styles and trends mixed from all eras, twenty-first century fashion caters perfectly to the wearer. Much like the evolving, transformative nature of present day fashion, we see today’s society as a more accepting and diverse group as a whole. This notion is reflected proudly by the clothing items worn by members of our society.

For Saint Joseph’s University students, college is a time where many seek to redefine themselves and find their true passions, as well as grow into their own unique and personal styles. The various looks of SJU students can provide information about their aspirations or personalities, all by distinguishing their simple choice between wearing jeans or leggings. 

To gain insight into how Saint Joe’s students express themselves through their clothing, we went out to interview a few to hear their thoughts. 

We first spoke with freshman Logan Kentner, and asked him to describe his outfit, as well as where he got each piece. We also asked if he expresses himself through his clothing.

Logan explained how the majority of his pieces are thrifted or from smaller, indie brands. He stated that he does feel overall that his clothes reflect part of himself. “Yes I’d say they do. Looking at me, you can kind of tell what I’m into. You can probably tell what kind of music I like and that I skateboard.”

“Looking at me, you can kind of tell what I’m into.”

– Freshman Logan Kentner

When asked if he had any advice for other SJU students regarding fashion, he said, “Look at old pictures… you can get a lot of inspiration from looking at old pictures and kind of predict the trends.”

Next, we spoke to senior Victoria Petner. She explained her outfit, revealing her prized Gucci boots and sharing that she doesn’t express herself through her clothes. She instead explained, “[I] express myself through my shoes, not my clothes as much.” 

Senior Victoria Petner shows off her OOTD (outfit of the day) and highlights her Gucci boots. Photo by: Christian McCarry

She also shared valuable wisdom, saying, “Go with your gut. Whatever you like, wear it… and don’t follow anyone else. Be a leader, not a follower”. 

Lastly, we spoke with sophomore Frankie Mcgann. He explained how powerful the expression of clothes can be. 

Frankie said, “I love the expression through clothing, different colors, and materials you wouldn’t often see men wear. I love dressing androgynous[ly] or wearing things that society perceives as feminine because it switches up the narrative.” 

“I love dressing androgynous[ly]…”

– Sophomore Frankie Mcgann

It’s clear that fashion serves as an outlet for both self expression, passion and societal change amongst SJU students. These fashion choices can reveal a good deal about the individual who wears the clothing, and our society as a whole. 

Overall, wearing what makes you most comfortable is the most important. However, it’s vital to not be afraid to push the envelope if that makes you happy. In the words of Sophomore Frankie Mcgann: “just wear it, period.”

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