How have the last several months been for you? Are you overwhelmed? Perhaps you are still adjusting to online school or managing your extra free time? If you are feeling stressed out in any shape or form, take it from one of the most famous psychologists…

“Time spent with cats is never wasted” -Sigmund Freud


If you are looking for a way to give your life a little extra happiness without consulting a doctor for medication or seeking other remedies, adopting a pet cat may be your perfect solution. Although cats depend on you for water, food, shelter, and friendship, they can also be very independent animals that will give you alone time if you need it. Perhaps one day you want to avoid interacting with anyone or anything. With a pet cat, you can leave it be for the whole day, with the exception of feeding it. Other than that, your cat will not bother you, making it the perfect companion for times when you just want to be by yourself. 

On the other hand, your cat can also act like a friend when you want it, too. It will entertain you with its strange sleeping positions and its ability to fall from elevated places. It will snuggle up on your lap to sleep and rub its fur against your ankles. But what do cats really do for your mental health? 

Playing with your cat encourages you to be physically active. Standing up and running around the house with your cat is not only cute, but serves as a natural energy boost, comes with a sense of achievement, and aids in stress and mental fatigue. Petting a cat also helps with stress because it gives your mind something to focus on as well as something for your hands to do to prevent you from getting distracted and therefore more stressed. The stroking of your cats’ fur also produces a calming effect that lowers your blood pressure and heart rate. So, if you feel super overwhelmed and do not know how to control your stress levels, all you have to do is find your furry friend to relax with and pet repeatedly. It will not only help your relationship with your cat, but help your relationship with your own mental health. 

But what if you’re allergic to cats? There are many options to battle this obstacle. First, you can consider adopting a puppy or dog rather than a cat because they also provide companionship and stress relief. However, there are no hypoallergenic dogs or cats. But, there are hairless cats that are just as fun as other cats with fur. 


According to, 70% of cats are euthanized in shelters. In 30 states, there is a law that requires animal shelters to keep new animals there for five to seven days. After this holding period, the shelter can legally kill them. The more people abandon their pets at animal shelters, the more likely the shelters will have to euthanize the animals that do not get adopted. So, if you literally want to save lives, go adopt a pet! 

If you are from the Philadelphia area, there are many shelters nearby that will be more than happy to help you in your adoption process. Some shelters are listed below. Go save a cat’s life and help your own. 

Morris Animal Refuge 

Saved Me 

ACCT Philly

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